Introducing: EMERGER – State of Mind

State of Mind is the first single off EMERGER’s upcoming full-length album. Written and produced from the duo’s home studio during lockdown while the global pandemic felt particularly dire, Emma and Gerry approached it from a place of hope for the future; a reminder to try and make the best of the current moment.

This song keeps going through my head.‎ I appreciate EMERGER’s music. They inspire with new perspectives. Their sound is unique and refreshing.

The music video portrays the interplay of mixed emotions that took place in people’s minds during the 2020 lockdown: moments of emotionless solitude are contrasted by carefree solace. The “place where we can go” and “silver castles in the sky” are also embodied by visions of an imaginary dystopian utopia.

State of Mind has depth, a unique melody, and strong vocals. Listen below.