Introducing: Gold Spectacles – Lothario

Photo by Chio Fernandez

Lothario is the first offering from Gold Spectacles in a year of studio-hibernation. A nostalgic spanish guitar provides the foundation to the track with chopped up guitar riffs, a lazy upright piano and bells sampled from a local church.

To me, this is real art. Gold Spectacles have a unique sound. They create what they want to create. The quality is always high.

Gold Spectacles share interesting insights. It has something philosophical to it. Lothario represents a person who, beyond their kind exterior, is not entirely trustworthy. Are they playing you or is what you see, what you get? We all have a facade or mask to a certain extent but with a Lothario, you’re never sure whether they have an ulterior motive. Maybe one day, they’ll be silent and gone and you’ll be left unravelled like you never really knew them at all.

Listen below!