Introducing: bandanna – Sleepy Eyes

Photo by Hadar Ben-Simon Photography

bandanna (Anna Griffith, Nick Bell, Mason Palanti, and Timothy Holder) formed in Tallahassee, FL. in the garage of non-profit, Cat Family Records, in the summer of 2018. The band gathered a lovely local following of friends and family, headlining shows at The Wilbury, Club Down Under, and Cat Fest and opening for bands like SALES, BRONCHO, and Girlpool.

bandanna releases debut album Uncertain/ty. Featuring 10 songs, including new single Sleepy Eyes. Indie-Pop music with powerful vocals, lilting melodies, and a catchy chorus. The lyrics are poetic, in my opinion.

Sleepy Eyes is a message to the oblivious person you are pining for. It’s that unsure feeling of wondering if you should be together, of not knowing if that person feels it too, of wanting them to see what you see. Maybe you’re chasing the same things, maybe you’re not, but you definitely want to look into those sleepy eyes and find out.”

Some original work. bandanna keeps delivering great music. Listen below!