Introducing: Suzanna feat. Ms Maiko & Lil Mama – Rara

Suzanna returns with new single Rara. Recorded and self-produced by herself and Gerard Salvia at the end of August from their “Home Studio” this time with the collaboration of two artists, the Canarian rapper Ms Maiko and the Catalan / Andalusian singer from Calima, Lil Mama, who perfectly fits on this new track.

They share a message of unity. It’s empowering. This is true brilliance. The vocals and rap are really good. Catch positive energy here.

The idea of the song is to create beats that make us vibrate, move, dance, but without having to put up with the totally outdated sexist lyrics (which in the 21st Century are ridiculous).

This is inspiring music, created with heart and soul. Everyone needs to hear it. Great work has been done by Suzanna, Ms Maiko, and Lil Mama. Listen below.