Introducing: Harry and The Chicks – Bow Church

Harry and The Chicks, indie pop princess of Bow, East London, is a new wave of artist. She releases new single Bow Church. Really catchy music. It’s full of energy and enthusiasm.

Harry uses catchy melodies and unconventional lyrics to match her celestial tone and style. That’s pretty unique, if you ask me. She has a creative mind.

Speaking of the track, Harry said: ”It heavily focuses on the nostalgia and warm sense I feel when I am there. Growing up in a working class family from the East End, much of my identity is left there. I tend to take all my friends for strolls in Victoria Park, or for Pie, Mash & Liquor in Roman Road to reminisce and make new memories. I’ve always felt like the East End is overshadowed by the touristy parts of London; it is the hidden treasure holding an abundance of culture, history and beauty I, albeit biasedly, believe is unmatched.”

This keep us going. Listen below. Don’t forget to put it on repeat.