Introducing: The Millennial Club – girls that ain’t u

The Millennial Club defines their sound and showcases 6-track summer nights EP, a reflective and dreamy romantic soundtrack. It’s full of good music. Surprise after surprise. Isn’t’ that cool?

girls that ain’t u has infectious melodies and carefully crafted lyrics. Driven by expressive vocals. TMC continues to create their own lane. Excellent creativity.

Andres Owens comments: “Writing summer nights felt cathartic in a lot of ways; the record as a whole feels like a release of emotions and tension within ourselves. I think for the longest time, I was obsessed with fitting into a self-described box and wanted so badly to ‘be like’ my musical inspirations, but with this record — perhaps unlike our previous releases — we really weren’t trying to be anything other than ourselves.”

girls that ain’t u is about feeling overwhelming passion for a love interest. Listen below!