Introducing: EEVA – Out Of You

Who hasn’t been in a relationship they wished they’d been talked out of a bit sooner? Out of You is the brand new single by 24-year-old EEVA, aka Emelie Eriksson.

I think it’s cool. EEVA combines catchy melodies with stunning vocals and honest lyrics, to create a sound that’s fresh. Inventive yet familiar. EEVA has most definitely a creative mindset.

 “I started talking to Marcus (one of the brilliant co-writers on this track) about all the times you’ve talked you’re friends out of bad relationships but when you were in one yourself you wished someone could have talked you out of it. So I was going in a direction of ”someone should have talked me out of you” and he turned it around to ”I should have talked me out of you” – since that’s what you’ve literally been doing for your friends, so why not yourself? I was like… fuck yes.”

Fantastic Pop music. Already on repeat here. Listen below!