Introducing: Kayls – Can’t Go Home Right Now

Photo Credit Drug Money

Fearless indie songstress Kayls releases new single Can’t Go Home Right Now. The production was done by her long-time collaborator Bambor Leany.

This song is so powerful. It has stunning vocals, raw beats, and clear lyrics. Kayls carries wisdom everywhere she goes. A voice for the people. The world should listen.

“I woke up one morning and the place was choked in smoke and I could hear protesting and police sirens. I wanted to write a song recreating this atmosphere,” Kayls explains. “The song is an unsettling dream you fall asleep in and have another even more unsettling dream. That’s the world I saw when I woke up to sirens and everyone protesting for basic human decency.” – Kayls

Be there for each other. We are all the same. Check out Can’t Go Home Right Now below!