Introducing: Cecilia Gault – Hanasuto

Growing up in New York to Japanese and Irish parents, 21 year old Cecilia Gault’s diverse cultural traditions informed her musical tastes as well as her own artistic output.

She releases new single Hanasuto. It has a great sound to it. Cecilia’s voice is as strong as ever. Her lyrics are thoughtful, clearly written with purpose.

Cecilia provides an important commentary on the objectification of young Asian girls and the presence of male gaze within her culture, all the while masquerading as an infectious pop number. 

Very meaningful song. Cecilia makes a difference. “My big interest is creative freedom and communication through art,” she says. “To create is the base of human communication. Music and songwriting is my way of weaving together pieces of my life to create a story.”

Listen to Hanasuto below!