Introducing: Jiovanni Daniel – Pizza Planet

24 year old artist Jiovanni Daniel releases new single Pizza Planet. A pop bop. It’s full of powerful vocals and refreshing melodies. Jovanni does his own thing. That’s great to see.

”This song is about how much I hate being an adult. It starts out with memories of being a child with so much curiosity and how you would pretend to take shots out of a bottle cap. As the song goes onto the second verse its about how much I hate having to have real conversations with my dad and paying my phone/taxes. I used to tell my mom I wanted to go to Pizza Planet so badly but she told me it wasn’t real. Now, in 2020, all i wanna do is go to pizza planet and not worry about a thing.”

Emotions play a big role in Pizza Planet. Jiovanni has a story to tell. Listen below!