Introducing: Maryze – Squelettes (feat. Backxwash)

Maryze is a bilingual singer/songwriter based in Montreal, originally from Vancouver. She releases new single Squelettes (feat. Backxwash). It’s experimental, yet accessible. Not heard anything like this before.

The modern pop banger features Maryze’s signature blend of ethereal melodies and dark personal lyrics, paired with an explosive performance from metal-inspired rapper Backxwash. Unique combination, but it definitely works. They are lyrically direct. Both great in their own ways. The song is an arresting reflection on addiction and how it consumes us. The artists use horror elements to personify addiction as an entity they can’t escape, and confront demons through an aggressive yet vulnerable inner dialogue.

Cool style of music. It has a good balance. Check out Squelettes below!