Introducing: LEVELSEVEN – I Wove A Garment For You

Under the moniker LEVELSEVENNina Platiša is the vocalist, songwriter, and producer of intimate and inventive electronic, pop, and R&B music.

She releases new single I Wove A Garment For You. It’s so mellow. The sound is golden. LEVELSEVEN blends delicate vocals with minimalist beats and soft synths to create an atmosphere that’s engaging.

”I thought about how the act of creating something for someone is in some small way an act of devotion. For several years I have woven textiles on a wooden loom. Once woven and washed, the threads of fabric unite to become one garment. I Wove A Garment For You is the song of a weaver who has woven a garment for someone she loves. The garment is the embodiment of the weaver’s care and commitment. She sings to the wearer: “and if you outgrew, I’d measure, I’d measure”, pledging to adjust the garment as they grow together, never apart.”

The track is accompanied by playfully edited archival footage from the 1957 film A Dancer’s World, featuring dances conceived by iconic modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham.

This music has something unique about it. Perfect for any playlist. Listen below!