Introducing: Lucy Warr – Rip It Off

British artist Lucy Warr releases second single Rip It Off. It has a great message to it. The song includes lyrics like: ”It’s okay to feel this way and ”We all say that we’re fine, but that’s not what’s on our mind.” Those are very empowering words.

Lucy’s vocals are paired with uplifting instrumentation and soothing harmonies. Sounds unique, right? Modern but still familiar.

Speaking of the track, Lucy said: ”A rollercoaster journey of my own experience with the world’s current climate and mental health, Rip It Off is about releasing the mask we all create for ourselves to show the world, to stop pretending, and to be okay with sometimes not being okay. I want to normalise what goes on inside our mind, to expose the stigma around mental health and what it means to be human.”

Check out Rip It Off below!