Introducing: ​Annika Grace – Chasing Clouds

​Annika Grace is a singer, songwriter, poet living in Venice, California. She releases new single Chasing Clouds. It brings knowledge. The lyrics are so well-written. Definitely a highlight for me.

”We live in an age when 15-minute fame is the new ‘popularity contest’ and we base our self-worth on how many followers we have. We rate each other on apps based on appearances through a shiny object instead of in person, real connections, and we care about how our ‘feed looks’ on a daily basis. Not to say any of this is wrong or bad in any way, but just like anything, it should be in moderation. 2020 has brought us indoors, and on our phones more than ever, and I hope, in some small way, this song may give some perspective and show us our world is not solely made up of technology and social platforms, it is just one part of it. Chasing whomever can get us to the next step in this ladder of social status becomes ironic as those people are chasing someone else to get ahead as well. In the end, we aren’t really chasing something that we can grasp, like Chasing Clouds.”

The sound is crisp. Annika blends stunning vocals with modern beats, to create a style that’s uniquely hers. Listen below!