Introducing: Kirsteen Harvey – Dancefloor Treason

Kirsteen Harvey is a 21 year old Glasgow based singer/songwriter. She releases new single Dancefloor Treason. It’s really innovative. I think you will like this.

Dancefloor Treason has great instrumentation, soaring vocals, and a pop chorus. Harvey gets creative with her lyrics. She comments: ”I wrote this song about 2 years ago… it came after a very long period of writers block, and for some reason, writing DfT was the start of a wave of new songs, two of which are already out (with more to come I promise). The song is actually a pair with Tongue Tied, they both look at the same story from different points (A night in the Town, Glasgow specifically). Originally, I wanted to put DfT out first because I’ve had it for the longest, but because of the very strange year we’ve had, it’s now coming after Tongue tied, and going to be the third song out.”

What a cool concept. The plot is well put together. Listen to Dancefloor Treason below!