Introducing: charly haze – The Boys Of Summer

Rising artist charly haze releases new version of Don Henley’s The Boys Of Summer. Well, it’s a bop. Kinda retro, but still innovative. charly’s delicate vocals are paired with 80s-inspired drums and synths. She adds her own spin to it.

The Dutch London-based singer crafted the concept of the cover during her time back home in The Netherlands, where she was staying for 5 months during the first wave of the pandemic. “Over summer I rented a house in Amsterdam, which was the first time I was back there for a longer period of time since I moved to the UK last year. I moved away straight after I completed my 2-year recovery from a brain injury caused by a car accident back in 2017, thanks to treatment in the US. During recovery I was very isolated and could hardly handle any social interaction, which many must recognize now, but at the time it felt like I was the only one. As soon as I recovered I wanted to leave everything behind and have a fresh start, so I never really got to make up for lost time with my friends. During the heatwave this summer I had such a good time there, which left me feeling a bit heavy-hearted and questioning my decision to move away. But like with holidays, you’re seeing with rose coloured glasses and you filter out all the negative things that made you leave in the first place. For me, that’s what The Boys Of Summer is about; a nostalgic reflection on past experiences and decisions made.”

Now this is excellence. charly has really good ideas. Her creativity is on another level. Listen to The Boys Of Summer below. The music keeps us going.