Introducing: Domenica Coka – alone

Photo by Andrea Schollnick

At twenty-one years old, Domenica Coka is a Latina singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN., originally from Miami, FL. She releases debut single alone. This is what we call R&B. So much soul went into this song. Domenica combines powerful vocals and poetic lyricism with smooth instrumentation. The guitar at the end is great.

Speaking of the track, the singer/songwriter said: ”The desire to be with someone is part of our human nature. In the midst of a pandemic and having to quarantine, that desire grows even stronger. alone started out as a song that generalized that desire until I actually connected those feelings for a boy I had been friends with for years. This song became my “subtle but not so subtle” way of telling him that I missed him and that I no longer wanted to feel alone.”

alone was produced by Sonca Nguyen. Listen below!