Introducing: Ify Iwobi x Luna Lie Lot – Solo

Solo is a track composed by Ify Iwobi, produced by Dai Griff Productions and features local Welsh female Pop vocalist Luna Lie Lot. They make great music together.

This song has been stuck in my head. Ify mixes Pop and R&B perfectly. Solo is a song with hard hitting percussion, catchy rock riffs and a hooky melody which leaves you wanting more, from beginning to end.

The lyrics are so well-written. Empowering and inspiring language. Relatable for sure. The narrative of Solo stars a female protagonist who has never been able to express their thoughts and feelings to others and is forlorn about their life. She’s anxious about ever revealing her true self due to self – acceptance and coming to terms with her life. The protagonist is stuck at a precipice; will she stay trapped in fear forever or will she break out, and be her own hero? The girl wrestles with an ‘I can/I can’t’ attitude throughout the track. In the end, she discovers herself and becomes her own hero.

Be one with yourself. Nobody can tell you differently. Check out Solo below!