Introducing: Romy Dya – Unspoken

Photo by Karen Cigar

Dutch artist Romy Dya releases new single Unspoken. She shines a light on sexual abuse. It’s a very, very important topic to talk about. The lyrics are thoughtful, written with power. Romy is voice for many.

Unspoken sees Romy continue her path as a full-fledged artist whilst also taking a cathartic look at her past. ”Unspoken is about sexual abuse. People who have been through a traumatic experience like that find it hard to talk about it but also to be understood. I want to comfort them with this song and hope that it can be a part of their healing process. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to talk about it when you’re ready.”

Romy has courage. Everyone should listen to Unspoken. Meaningful in every way. Check it out below!