Introducing: Henriette – Remember That

Singer/songwriter Henriette releases new single Remember That. I’m so moved by this. Henriette’s vocals are combined with unique instrumentation to create a sad atmosphere. Her lyrics are heartbroken.

About the track, Henriette said:Remember That is definitely is the most personal song I’ve ever written. It’s “daddycated“ to my father, who passed away on Christmas 2017. The first melody he ever taught me on piano was Silent Night. My Dad had a very deep connection to music and was beyond mesmerized by its magic. He always used to say, “Henri, no matter how bad things are, no matter how sad you feel — sing! As soon as you sing, the world will be a lot better!” After he was gone, this message got stuck in my head like glue, but it didn’t want to come out for a while. That changed when I had my first songwriting session with Adam Ollendorff in May 2019. Adam absolutely loved the story, so we tried out a few things and came up with this pure, powerful, personal song. Remember That tells the story about a very special love between father and daughter. It’s about childhood comfort, growing up, about the highs and lows and, most important, about letting go.”

Meaningful words from Henriette. The emotions are flowing. This is the true meaning of art. Listen to Remember That below.