Introducing: Jordan Doww – Landslide

After a deep 3-year internal battle with Depression, Anxiety, and Mold Toxicity (identical to Lymes Disease), Jordan Doww turned to music as a creative outlet – something that could allow him to center himself in the foggy, grey haze he couldn’t escape.

Jordan releases debut single Landslide. It’s fresh and innovative. Jordan has a unique style. Call him a musical genius. With powerful vocals and cool instrumentation he creates an uplifting pop sound.

The inspiration behind Jordan’s rendition of Landslide (and the way he personally interpreted it) is learning from his past, utilizing it, and moving on toward full healing & growth. That’s a good starting point. It makes the song so much more personal.

The music video was filmed, edited, and produced by Zack Stauffer who’s worked with the likes of Migos, Machine Gun Kelly, Alec Benjamin, Raveena, and more. I think the visuals are artistic. Fantastic production.

Landslide (original by Fleetwood Mac) is a calm bop for sure. Check it out below!