Introducing: Molly Green – Million Dollar Baby

Photo by Kai Gillespie

Rising neo-soul songstress, Molly Green returns with new single Million Dollar Baby. Her vocals are accompanied by brass, bass and organ. It’s really energetic. This song has a spirit in it.

Molly comments:Million Dollar Baby came about after getting some harsh truths from my mother. We were discussing my not-so-existent love life and she said I was selling myself short. She actually said I was selling myself for 5p, so I was being generous upping it to a fiver! Afterwards it became my motto, reminding myself often that I’m worth a million dollars. I really feel that everyone should get into this habit; it’s easy to let people treat you like you’re worth less when you lose sight of that.”

Such an empowering message. Knowing your self-worth is everything. Be proud of who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Check out Million Dollar Baby below!