Introducing: Barkley x Girl Wilde – Adrenaline

Photo by Mack Breeden

Having both made strides recently in their own right, fast-rising singer-songwriters Barkley and Girl Wilde have teamed up for the electrifying queer pop anthem Adrenaline. It’s too catchy. Still stuck in my head. Barkley and Wilde’s stunning vocals are driven by an energetic beat.

What a well-written song. Relatable to many. Adrenaline is all about the mixed emotions that come with being secretly in love with your bestie. 

Barkley explains the inspiration behind the new single: ”Adrenaline is the song that I wrote right before I told my best friend (now-girlfriend) that I was attracted to her. She had just come out as gay about 6 months earlier, and I had come out as bisexual not long before that. But we had been friends for years, so it felt like a big risk to want to ‘ruin the friendship’, so to speak. After we both came out, our friendship intensified a lot, for reasons I’m sure you can imagine (gay reasons). I kept wanting to tell her but kept choking it back, and this song was about that feeling—that tension when you’re having such intense feelings privately but you don’t know how to verbalize it yet.”

This song is iconic. You should check it out. Adrenaline was produced by hitmakers Dave Burris and Matias Mora.