Introducing: Carla Stark – Naive

Belgian artist Carla Stark releases new single Naive. Her vocals soaring over a catchy melody. It’s creative in concept. So refreshing and different.

Starks comments:Naive is what I am, it’s what gets me into emotionally difficult situations, but it’s also what opens up a lot of doors for me because I tend to trust people’s good intentions and in the process I do, most of the times, meet great people and live amazing things!” The singer adds: ”I wanted to write this song about both the sides of “innocence”, so that other people who might have this trait remember that it also has some beautiful in it ! I tend to cover up a lot of my under confidence, but at the end of the day, I like my life and I wouldn’t change any of the choices I’ve made so far, even the “bad ones”, cause they led me here.”

Listen to Naive below. I highly recommended it. Carla takes you on a journey. Inspirational for all of us.