Introducing: Rohini Rege – Aimless

Rohini Rege is a Houston-born musician who is classically trained in voice and piano. She releases debut single Aimless. It tries to be different in a number of ways. Appreciate the focus on creativity. Rohini’s vocals are combined with soulful instrumentation.

Aimless is a song I wrote at a time earlier this year when I was feeling particularly without purpose. It’s my first original song, and in it I hope to drive home the idea that even if you’re a high functioning, productive human in our society, that doesn’t mean you don’t feel lost and compelled to search for your meaning. In 2020 as many of our lives have been forced to slow down and be a bit more still, I’ve personally gone through an evolution of relationships, friendships, work, etc – and through all these changes I’ve had a lot more time to sit still, listen to myself, and try to remember what makes me tick.”

The knowledge in here is valuable. That’s a great achievement. All very philosophical. Check out Aimless below!