Introducing: Sam Addeo + Biyo – Loving Someone

Sam Addeo is a Brooklyn based guitarist-turned-artist. She releases debut single Loving Someone (feat. Biyo). Dreamy and catchy at the same time, it will get stuck in your head. Isn’t that cool? The song has stunning vocals and artistic instrumentation. Pretty nice concept.

Speaking of the track, Sam said: ”I wrote this song about 2 years ago and have probably written ~5/6 other songs from it! I usually won’t work on a song this long, or will drop it if I do but I’m glad I stuck this one out. Lyrically and sonically, the song means a lot to me. It’s a lesson we’ll all likely learn, an expression of a fundamental hard truth that is laid bare against a beat that mirrors excitement, build up, and the realizations of the lows of vulnerability.”

Listen to Loving Someone below. Inspirational in so many ways.