Introducing: Michael Lanza – Islands ft. Chow Mane

Billboard charting pop singer-songwriter Michael Lanza releases Islands ft. Chow Mane, a real bop. The song is packed with great vocals, smooth rap flows, and uplifting choruses. Brilliant production.

Have you seen the music video for Islands yet? It has a creative storyline. All directed by Nanako Fukui and Yuito Kimura.

They present Lanza and Chow Mane as best buddies and adventuring partners in the video who both are experiencing a similar phase in life: heartbreak. From the initial frame, the relationship is absolutely believable and totally endearing. They’re presented as castaways on a gorgeous – but dangerous – island, lured into the jungle depths by a beautiful woman animated by the spirit of the sea. Yet her hospitality isn’t as total as it initially seems, and by the final verse, the singer and rapper are running for their lives. The mysterious siren takes pity on the duo when she notices they wear the same necklace as her, a painful reminder of what it’s like to be human. Fukui and Kimura make the most of the beautiful seaside environment, capturing the sea, the sun, and the vibrant vegetation in glorious color. A capsized boat makes an appearance, too, stranded on the sand and providing an ideal backdrop for the rapper’s devastating verses. They wake up on the sand only to realize it was a dream but don’t forget the sacrifice the foreign girl took so they can continue to search for paradise.

Check out Islands below!