Introducing: Tea Belle – No Love

Austrian singer, songwriter and actress Tea Belle releases new single No Love. Such a bop, right? This song will inspire you, its message is clear. Just listen to the lyrics. Powerful words by Tea.

The mid-tempo pop song expresses the young artist’s frustration with humanity. “Not gonna lie, humans kinda suck, we just ruin all sh*t” she admits in the bridge of the song. As humans we are such selfish beings that it often seems like there’s just no love left. We treat each other with no respect, torture and kill billions of animals for our own pleasure without feeling any remorse, fill our oceans with plastic, destroy our environment and the planet we call home. People are still not treated equally in 2020. Millions of people are living in poverty while billionaires keep getting richer. The world we’ve created is on fire but people still choose money over everything.

Tea blends astonishing vocals with catchy beats to create something refreshing. Check out No Love below. Share it with others. Let’s make the world a better place.