Introducing: JMES – Ready To Love Again

JMES (pronounced James) is the solo project of Caroline Baker. She releases second single Ready To Love Again. Solid Alternative Pop music. One of the better songs this year. I think it’s innovative. With stunning vocals and melodious instrumentation JMES creates her own style.

For many years, JMES endured the ups and downs of young love. Though life has taken them different directions, and sometimes different countries, JMES is striving to hold onto this connection — and has put that feeling into her new song.

“I caught myself falling for him very quickly and I didn’t want to let go of that feeling, or him,” the singer says. “That’s what this whole song is about. Not wanting to let go.”

The lyrics are so well-written, full of poetic expressions. It tells a story about life. Check out Ready To Love Again below!