Introducing: Pawns or Kings – Anymore

Pawns or Kings releases new single Anymore, an Americana folk acoustic track. It’s calm and quit. You will like this. Pawns or Kings mixes solid vocals with stripped down guitar and crooning whistles, delivering something unexpected.

Speaking of the track, Pawns or Kings said: ”The first song we wrote after a 5 year hiatus/bout of intense writers block, detailing the hopeless feeling of having nothing left to give. We feared that our music career was over as there was simply something stuck deep within us that couldn’t let any creativity flow. After a move back to the countryside and intensive therapy, the words and notes poured out and Anymore was the first thing to come from it.”

The production is minimal but effective, it leaves space for interpretation. Pawns or Kings creates an atmosphere of melancholia, which suits the music well. Check out Anymore below!