Introducing: Alessia Labate x Leonail – Highway

Photo by Ivan Cazzola

23-year-old voice talent Alessia Labate and musician Leonail release new single Highway. I think it’s a bop. Enjoyable to listen to. Alessia and Leonail create a radio-friendly sound. They display their true brilliance. Highway has danceable beats and a stunning vocal melody. Isn’t that great? So bright and energetic. 

About the track, Alessia says: ”One year ago the song was just about having fun while travelling with friends, now it’s way more: it’s an escape from reality, it’s a wish, it’s a mantra. Can’t wait to play it in the car while riding on the highway! We still have to wait a little bit for that..”

Alessia and Leonail bring something refreshing to the table. Creativity is here. Check out Highway below!