Introducing: MarLou – Baby Blue

Photo by Melanie Weitmüller

German artist MarLou releases second single Baby Blue. It’s catchy and relatable. You will like it for sure. MarLou combines astonish vocals with a strong melody to create a sound that’s entirely her own. The lyrics are brilliant, so thoughtfully written.

Speaking of the track, MarLou said: ”With Baby Blue, I not only wrap the crazy, weird Covid – year 2020 but also say goodbye to a long time crush of mine. The song helped me realize how messed up this whole crush thing is. You feel super connected to this one person, feel like you know them, but actually, you really don´t. It´s one of the most addictive things and at the same time probably one of the most needless as well. It´s like candy, or baby blue ice cream, makes you come back every time even though you know it´s no good for you.”

What an original concept. Check out Baby Blue below!