Introducing: Sôra – Tripping

Photo by @amaliafrn

Singer/songwriter Sôra returns with new song Tripping. She blends R&B, Electro, and Pop. It’s all in there. Sôra has a creative way of thinking. Always working on something.

Tripping is accompanied by an quirky live session in which only good mood is contagious. Sôra comments: ”So happy to share this live session/videoclip with you! Tripping is a song I really enjoyed working on with Johnny Longlegs who composed the music! I’m so glad we were able to do this despite the actual situation! I thank my whole team for this amazing day! The idea was to create a path between a live session and a videoclip. And I’m very happy about the result!”

Sôra is making music that’s timeless. Check out Tripping below. Song of the day for me. Perfect way to start 2021.