Introducing: Leire – Waterfall

Spanish songwriter Leire (/LAy/ reh/) returns with Waterfall, the third single taken from upcoming debut EP Me, You, This World. A powerful pop song. Much needed in today’s society. Waterfall has lyrics about freedom, equality and diversity.

Leire comments: ”I got the inspiration of this song from the Black Lives Matter movement, but later I realised that this song really refers to any kind of social inequality. Sexual orientation, genre, race… It describes a process of fighting against the system and finally feeling free. With the word ‘waterfall’ I refer to freedom, like the water falls free, like opening your arms and flying, like being part of the Earth. It’s also a criticism to all the people that think they understand but they don’t, people that don’t understand white privilege, people that don’t support feminism, people that don’t accept the LGBTQ collective.”

The songwriter has a unique vocal style, fits the music well. Check out Waterfall below!