Introducing: Yarin Glam – Realness

LA-based singer/songwriter Yarin Glam returns with brand new single Realness, taken from the same titeld EP. She’s on a mission. Be surrounded by positive energy. This song has powerful lyrics, which are thoughtfully written. ”I walk alone under shining stars” and ”I don’t need it, your acceptance,” Yarin sings over a catchy beat.

Speaking about the meaning behind the EP, the singer/songwriter explains: ”My purpose behind this project is to raise awareness towards mental health. To raise awareness to the importance of embracing yourself, and accepting yourself for the REAL you. Not what society wants you to be, or says you “should” be. I’m hoping that by sharing my story, I’ll get more people comfortable enough to share their own. To make someone feel seen, less alone and more understood. In a society that profits off of our insecurities, let’s go against it and accept ourselves for us. Celebrate our differences. Understand that our differences is what makes us unique and stand out. Understand that you as you are right now is more then enough.”

Yarin wanted to do something iconic. She succeeds in every she does. Check out Realness below!