Introducing: Stray Local – Shiver

Photo by Chris Frisina

Stray Local is the husband-and-wife songwriting duo of Jamie Rowen and Hannah Lomas based in Raleigh, North Carolina. They share brand new single Shiver, just in time for the weekend. Fresh and familiar at the same time. I really like it. Stray Local’s vocals are mixed with solid instrumentation. Mixed by Lee Hester and mastered by Josh Seawell.

Shiver was written in the early midst of the covid outbreak and is a  lighthearted take on the internal struggle of a young woman who, early on in a relationship, decides to jump forward and have her boyfriend move in to face the isolations of covid together. She, like many of us living with a partner for the first time, second guesses his quietness, confusing it with discontent. Playing through many of the conversations and scenarios in her head (is he having a mental break down or is he planning on breaking up with me??) when in fact he is just being himself.

Great concept for a song. Check out Shiver below!