Introducing: Julia Sophie – I Wish

British artist Julia-Sophie shares introspective new single I wish, taken from the forthcoming EP </3. This is something totally unique. Packed with spectral vocals, ethereal refrains, glimmering synths, and ricocheting beats, the song creates a calm atmosphere. Experimental, yet accessible. Timeless in its sound. I’m definitely a fan. Julia-Sophie writes thought-provoking lyrics. Her stories are interesting, it has a personal flair to it. I Wish keeps the listeners engaged. Absolutely fabulous, truly an achievement.

About the track, Julia-Sophie commented: “I was brought up believing that life would be a certain way, but I’ve come to understand, through heart-ache, that these beliefs weren’t my own and that I was living a life that wasn’t mine; it was the life that other people dreamed of for me. Over the last year, I’ve had to fight and break hearts, to become the person I was meant to be; to live my own truth. I wanted to reflect this broken hearted journey in I Wish, by breaking out of classic song structure and experimenting with form; life and love has it’s own journey, there are no rules and there shouldn’t be any expected structure. love, life and art should be free.”

Check out I Wish below!