Introducing: Cherry Lena – Mellow Happy

Cherry Lena is a Pop and R&B singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. She unveils brand new single Mellow Happy. Characterized by modern beats, powerful vocals, and a catchy melody. It results in a hit record. This bops. Unique blend of Pop and R&B, kick off your week with Mellow Happy.

About the track, Lena said: ”Mellow Happy is a serene state of mind. It’s the feeling that despite not knowing what the future holds, you will flourish into exactly what you were meant to be. It’s accepting that time is running, and that everything will fade one day. This feeling of peace comes with the illusion that the world is yours, freeing you from your usual fears and worries. If only you could stay this calm forever. But of course you won’t. And somehow, Right now, that’s okay with you.”

Take a listen below!