Introducing: Alora Farenweh – Riding a Tiger

Photo by Jess Bernier Photography

Canadian artist Alora Farenweh releases brand new dreamy folk-pop single Riding a Tiger. I think it’s brilliant. Uniquely produced record, Joey Langlois delivered great work. Alora’s vocals rise over catchy instrumentation, inviting the listener into a world of colour, glowing crystals, and (often) friendly animals. Definitely a solid concept, it shows originality.

Riding a Tiger is a story coming to life. You, the listener, are riding the tiger. You are in Alora’s mind. She sees a pink world. It’s an almost empty land, with low pink fluffy clouds and a tall palace, dark inside but bright on the outside. Imagine riding a fierce tiger through a pink monochrome jungle and exploring a dark palace.

Listen to Riding a Tiger below!