Introducing: Jodi Valentin – Blue Eyes

In September 2020, singer-songwriter Jodi Valentin unveiled Blue Eyes, a pop-meets-country song. It’s so well-produced. Soaring vocals are accompanied by a catchy instrumentation, making this song stand out from the crowd. Jodi writes like no other, the lyrics fit the music perfectly.

She comments: “I never really minded all that you expected, until I couldn’t give you what you needed,” reflects back on a failed relationship, where I once felt happy until I realized I couldn’t be what they “needed.” I express in the chorus, “I can’t give you blonde hair or blue eyes, no ripped jeans or a perfect smile. No small waist, polite grace, no innocence cause darling that’s not me,” because he wanted a “picture perfect girl” and the pressure was too much for me to try to fit that mold. By the end of the song, I show confidence and resolution by saying “I’ll never be exactly what you need, and that’s finally fine with me.”

Check out Blue Eyes below!