Introducing: Rosalie – Hologram

Singer-songwriter Rosalie returns with brand new single Hologram. It has an intriguing structure. The lyrics are powerful, emotional in tone. Expressive vocals soar over a chill electro pop beat, creating a moody atmosphere.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, Rosalie said: ”This is hard to write, but I think it’s important to speak our truth and tell our stories. Hologram is about getting out of a toxic relationship I was misled into and that I truly believed was love. It’s about finding out who the person really was and who they wanted me to believe they were. It’s about being intentionally manipulated into a relationship so I could be used. It’s about being deliberately painted into an intricate and elaborate story of love and humanity that seemed and felt so very real, and then learning it wasn’t at all. Like a hologram. When I went through this experience, I didn’t have any music to turn to that I related to or that I felt truly told my story. This didn’t feel like a normal break up or heartbreak. So this song does that; and if anyone else has gone through a similar experience, I hope it helps them feel seen, heard, and not as alone.”

The word ”courage”comes up in my mind. Rosalie’s sound is full of character. Check out Hologram below!