Introducing: Abbie and the Roses – Next To Me

Abbie and The Roses, consisting of vocalist Abbie Rose, guitarist Nick Crowe and backing vocalist Maeve Brennan, release new indie pop single Next To Me. Immaculate vocals are combined with stunning harmonies and uplifting instrumentation. The verses on this one are great and the chorus draws you in.

The lyrics are relatable. Speaking more on the release of Next To Me, Abbie and the Roses explain: Nearly a year has passed since the first U.K. lockdown began and as we head into our third we felt the time was right to release ‘Next to me’… This song is a true expression of the impact it had on us during our time in quarantine, we hope that people can find a comforting connection during these unprecedented times.

2021 will be a huge year for Abbie and the Roses. This is just the beginning. Listen to Next To Me below!