Introducing: Hayley Biegel – what you forgot

New York based singer/songwriter Hayley Biegel shares new single what you forgot, produced by Skyler Coco. Rich vocals soar over unique instrumentation, creating an uplifting atmosphere. The verses leading towards an impressive chorus. The sound takes inspiration from Coldplay, Phoebe Bridgers and Fiona Apple, accompanied by lyrics that are inspiring.

This song came about when Hayley was reckoning with the suicide of a beautiful young woman in her life. The phrase what you forgot encompasses all the good qualities about yourself and all the things you love about the world that slip away from you when you’re trying to keep the darkness at bay. Hayley wrote this song to explore the duality of being strong and vulnerable in the face of adversity. Fierce and soft.

Go on an epic journey with Hayley’s music. Listen to what you forgot below!