Introducing: Tropic – Slave to the Rhythm

Brooklyn-based duo Tropic release infectious new single Slave to the Rhythm. It mixes elements from Pop, R&B, and Funk music, resulting in a sound that’s distinctive. Soulful vocals drift over a solid production, which features strong rhythms and melodies. The lyrics are carefully crafted, uplifting in tone. Slave to the Rhythm is another bop by Tropic, they keep making fantastic songs.

“Born from a place of frustration and anxiety for the uncertain future ahead of us, our new single Slave to the Rhythm is a reminder that sometimes, we have to take a moment to let loose and let go. We’ve seen and felt the effects of the pandemic, how it has become an ever present topic in any conversation, crushed our spirits, and dampened our outlook on life. We wanted to help people remember that joy can be found in the smallest of things, and that sometimes surrendering to the things we cannot control can help us find a way to enjoy life again. Music has always been our anchor, a constant in our life that can never be taken away from us, and hopefully it can be a way to see us through these dark times.”

Listen to Slave to the Rhythm below!