Introducing: Thallo – Mêl

Thallo, the musical pseudonym of singer songwriter Elin Edwards, releases new inspiring single, titled Mêl. With intriguing instrumentation, she creates a unique soundscape. Crisp vocals shine throughout the song.

Did you know Thallo comes originally from Wales, but now pursuing her promising career in London? The lyrics of this song are written in Welsh. It makes the song really authentic.

Thallo comments: ”Mêl, which is Welsh for ‘Honey’, is about the fear of something good. The honey is a relationship that I’m reluctant to fully immerse into in the fear of the heartbreak that follows when it inevitably has to come to an end. The taste of the honey is bittersweet, as I realise that its sweetness is only a temporary bliss with its ending in sight; “Fearing you and me, a fading bliss”. Realising the inevitable heartbreak, the chorus is a feeble attempt to restrain myself, not making much effort to resist temptation. Watching something beautiful nearing its end feels like watching the sun setting. It’s mesmerising until the very moment it dissolves into the night sky. Perhaps we appreciate its beauty more when we know that it must come to an end. “It is eroding like the cliffs of beaches, which bow to the sunset that is naked of its clouds, rusting hot colours to its edges before quietly kissing the cold blackness”.

2021 will be a big year for the singer songwriter. There are more singles coming up. I’m already looking forward to it. Meanwhile, check out Mêl below!