Introducing: VILLFORTH – Dirty Windows

Berlin-based singer VILLFORTH is back with her third single, titled Dirty Windows. It’s a great pop song. Unique vocals flow over a brilliant production, which features uplifting melodies and a calm beat. Dirty Windows conveys a message of inspiration. The lyrics are absolutely well-crafted.

VILLFORTH comments: ”After almost a year of pandemic, the song Dirty Windows encompasses all the feelings that have moved us in recent months. Worry, frustration, maybe even depression — similar to a conversation with a good friend, the song is like a shoulder to lean on and at the same time lets us look hopefully at what is soon possible again and lies ahead of us.”

Dirty Windows brings calmness. One of the best bops of 2021, so far. With intriguing verses and a catchy chorus, VILLFORTH delivers iconic music. Listen to Dirty Windows below!