Introducing: Sister Teeth – this party

Currently working full time in the trash industry, Sister Teeth spends every spare moment making and writing music. She releases new single this party. It’s dreamy and euphoric at the same time. Sister Teeth creates a unique sound, full of character. Rich vocals soar over a modern production, which features catchy melodies and a creative beat. The lyrics are well-crafted, it will resonate with many people.

The singer/songwriter comments: ”this party is about feeling like an imposter in your own life – looking around and realizing you’re at this party and you don’t even know the people around you. This is my life? How did I get here? I tried to imagine the most lavish and ridiculous party ever (“swimming in pools of liquid gold”) because I definitely don’t belong at a party like that (“I’m growing, can’t seem to stay afloat”) and sometimes I feel that way about where I’m at. I love my life but I also feel like it’s a big blur. It’s just crazy to me to stop and look at where I am and try to remember how I got here.”

With this party, Sister Teeth showcases her artistry. Definitely a good song. As a Pop fan, I think it’s brilliant. Listen below!