Introducing: GG – Sports Park

Up-and-coming Sydney-based singer/songwriter and pop producer GG releases new single Sports Park. It’s unique in sound. With glistening melodies, heavy bass, strong vocals, and rich harmonies, GG delivers something truly worth your time. The lyrics are well-crafted, Sports Park is an ode to redemption through sport.

GG says: ‘It was January 2019 and I had just moved to Sydney. I didn’t have a job or a house. I was house-sitting my friend’s place and locked myself out. The Australian summer sun was beating down, so I sought shade at the oval across the road. There I found scores of people doing team sports – rugby, cricket, Australian football, soccer, heck, even croquet. I saw people with focus, with drive, with purpose and community. Each individual played a role in reaching a shared vision. It was another world to me, and a poignant moment. Sports Park is a fantasy where I am powerful, I am in control, and I am part of something bigger.’

Sports Park has solid verses and a dynamic chorus. Overall, inspiring. This production is next level. Listen below!