Introducing: FancyNormal – Starters & Appetizers (EP)

Melbourne pop duo FancyNormal (aka Noni & Jules) drop their long-awaited debut EP Starters & Appetizers, it features five songs. Definitely a standout project.

The EP opens with instrumental piece Butterflies & SSRIs. FancyNormal create a unique soundscape, which has strong melodies and ryhtyms. Ultra Passion, Sober Spaceman, Sad Champagne, and Private Wine are sung by Noni, she has a fantastic voice. The lyrics are well-crafted and draw you in.

Speaking about the EP, the band say it captures the emotions around growing up, and coming to understand love. “Starters & Appetizers is a recollection of growing up and what it was like trying to learn about love and a commentary of understanding yourself in the present.”

FancyNormal have a nostalgic, yet modern style of music. They keep listeners intrigued. Check out Starters & Appetizers below!