Introducing: Hunter Moreau – Hazy

Singer/songwriter Hunter Moreau releases new single Hazy, produced by Doug Schadt. It begins calm, but develops slowly into a really dynamic song. Crisp vocals drift over captivating melodies, cool guitar work, and pop beats. This is one of the best productions of March, so far. Both verses and chorus are brilliant.

Moreau comments: “As simple as it may sound, Hazy is about the pure bliss of summer nights. Doug and I were reminiscing about stories with friends, both new and old, and the magic that seems to happen on warm nights where nothing seems to really matter. We wrote this song to capture the nostalgia of looking back on those carefree times, and the longing of that same feeling again. The feeling that no other moment matters besides right now. The excitement of not caring how exactly you’re going to get home, or where you even are, but just knowing that you want whatever feeling this is to last forever.”

Listen to Hazy below!